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It’s a girl! Baby Addled has arrived!

Baby Addled arrived via emergency c-section early in the morning on April 17.

Since then, I have been recovering from the surgery, adjusting to parenthood, and trying to get the hang of breastfeeding.

This is a quick post (after so many months!) because I’m also trying to finish my academic work by a pressing deadline.

In the meantime, has anyone heard of ritalin inhibiting the production of breastmilk? I had issues with my milk coming in and wondered if it might be because of methylphenidate. Apparently prolactin (the chemical that makes milk come in) is the opposite of dopamine, which is stimulated by stimulants. Too much dopamine = too little prolactin (and no milk), but there doesn’t seem to be any research on this. Anyone else heard of any?


the reason for my long silence

At long last, I can break my silence and explain why I’ve been away from this blog for so long. It’s because I was afraid I would spill the beans before the time was right.ultrasound clipped

I am pleased to announce that Hubby and I are expecting, and I’m due at the end of April. The ultrasound pic at the right was taken about 6 weeks ago, during my 1st appointment at the High Risk OB (consultation regarding my ADD medication).

So far, things are going well for both me and the little one. Our offspring has a good strong heartbeat, and it danced around a ton during the ultrasound! We have our real ultrasound next month, and will have more information then about its development thus far. The pregnancy has been quite easy for me overall. I had very little morning sickness, other than some food aversions and mild nausea at odd times of the day. It only lasted for about 3 weeks, and the worst of it went away when I stopped taking the fish oil supplement (prenatal vitamin adjunct).

A note about fish oil that’s relevant for ADDers, pregnant or not: This might sound stupid, but do not try taking it at night. For a month, I took it with my regular prenatal vitamin at dinner, and I had insomnia for that entire month. It was miserable. The insomnia decreased when I switched to taking it in the morning, and it helped a little bit with concentration. Notwithstanding, a single capsule was murder on my stomach. Maybe it wouldn’t have been so awful if I hadn’t been in the middle of morning sickness, but I’m also not convinced that it wasn’t the cause of the morning sickness itself.

Medication has been a bit tricky, at least at first. I was switched to a new pdoc around the same time I had the positive pregnancy test. Amazingly, my new pdoc has ADD, and she’s been amazingly helpful and supportive with troubleshooting my medication. We tried various options: I dropped back to 10mg of ritalin 3x/day, then 5 mg 3x/day, on the way to the goal of 0 mg of ritalin 0x/day. I was frustrated and miserable at 5mg, and barely functional at 10mg, but I stuck with that dose for a month before going to the aforementioned high risk OB consultation. The three high risk OBs I’ve now worked with in that office have actually been the most supportive of my medication. One of them even said to me, “If you need this medication to function, you need it to function. Period.” Their acceptance was amazingly refreshing. Of course, the reality is that we won’t know for some time if my medication has done any harm… keep your fingers crossed for us, please!

Work issues have been resolving themselves. I met with my department chair today to let him know about our upcoming addition, and he was very supportive. It looks like we will be able to put some plans into place in advance to handle my inevitable absence at the end of the spring semester, and I have some decisions to make about using my summer funding, stopping the tenure clock for next year, etc. I have time to make these decisions, fortunately. This was a big relief, but it’s really the small things at work that have made it more stressful for me this semester. For example, I outgrew most of my work pants around 6-8 weeks of pregnancy, and now I’m starting to outgrow my work shirts. I don’t look particularly pregnant, justĀ  a bit pot-bellied… The second “minor” issue is H1N1 flu. It’s going around on my campus, and I’ve had at least a dozen students out sick with it. I was able to get the H1N1 vaccine over a week ago, but still have a few days until I will have full immunity against all the nasty germs my students are sneezing and coughing all over the place. Yuck!

All in all, everything’s going far better than we’d anticipated, and I can only hope that things continue to go this smoothly between now and the end of April!

timing the transition to parenthood

ubby and I made a second attempt to get to the store to buy milk and cat food last night. We succeeded, much to the cats’ delight. Once again we did not buy a new tv, much to Hubby’s chagrin!

During the drive, hubby mentioned that he’d heard some interesting news through the work grapevine. In the near future, consultants receiving the specialized training he’d just finished were going to be required to sign contracts agreeing to not leave the company for three years post-training. Hubby was in the first batch of consultants to receive this training, and doesn’t yet know whether he will be asked to sign a similar contract.

This is naturally cause for concern for me because we’d previously decided that we’d put off having a family until he left his consulting position, presumably some time in the spring of 2009. Neither of us wants to start a family while he’s still traveling. It’s not fair to me, as the parent who would be trying to work full time while taking care of a new baby by myself most of the week. It’s also not fair to Hubby, and it’s particularly sad to think about him missing all that time with his child. He’s clearly his niece and nephew’s favorite uncle (the “fun” uncle), and it’s inconceivable that he’ll enjoy spending time with his own children less than the time he spends with them. I’m just worried about how we’ll make this work.

From my perspective as a non-tenured academic who wants to have a family, it’s already pushing it to wait until I’m 32. I’m already struggling with waiting, and I don’t know if I could wait until I’m 33. It just seems risky, particularly since I have a handful of friends who have waited until that age and then were unable or experienced great difficulty getting pregnant. I already have Factor V Leiden working against me, after all. My midwife told me not to worry at my last checkup a year ago… but that was before my friends disclosed their fertility-related problems.

So the big question is… what’s the solution? Quitting jobs is not an option. Neither is my being pregnant while I interview later this autumn and winter, as it can complicate matters substantially. Do we try to start a family on our old schedule, regardless of Hubby’s contract issues? Keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best 3 years from now? Both go to my annual midwife appointment and try to figure out what will work best considering my health & our careers?