a tempting opportunity

A colleague recently alerted me to a job posting in my field at Ideal Home State University.  I can’t decide if I should apply or not.

On one hand, I should apply because:

  1. I’d like to be housed in a department of my actual academic discipline (instead of a sub-area, as I am now, meaning that I’d have colleagues who understand and appreciate my research).
  2. I’d be housed in an academic unit that has support for the type of grantwriting I do. I would most likely have greater support for grantwriting endeavors, and wouldn’t have to answer truly dumb questions about the NIH grant application process.
  3. It would be a step up in the academic hierarchy, but a reasonable step up for someone with my academic pedigree. This is a place where I’d want to get tenure, but gaining tenure should also be attainable.
  4. I’d be in my home state and would be surrounded by people who understand my regional accent and idioms.
  5. After a long period during which nearly all of my friends moved out of state, a few of them are starting to trickle back. We’d have friends again, and we’d get to see them more than once a year!
  6. My family would be about an hour’s drive away instead of a day’s drive away, making holidays and family emergencies a bit easier on the stress level. We’d also save megabucks on travel.
  7. We’d be within 1.5 hours of a major international airport.

On the other hand, I shouldn’t apply because:

  1. Having just one more task on my plate right now might seriously put me over the edge…
  2. If I was invited to interview for the position, I’d have to do so while 6+ months pregnant.
  3. If I was successful, I’d be ditching my current department after being here for less than two years, and this makes me look like a skipper.
  4. If I was successful, we’d have to move with a small infant in tow, and would have to deal with the current local housing market.
  5. The job market in Home State is really, really bad, so it might be hard for Hubby to find a job there (that being said, it might actually end up being easier because it’s a more metropolitan area than our current location).

I think I’ll go ahead and apply regardless, because opportunities like this don’t come along very often, and the potential benefits definitely outweigh the potential drawbacks.

Academic readers, what else do I need to consider at this point?


2 responses to “a tempting opportunity

  1. Update: Grad advisor thinks I should apply and had some strategies for the process. Now I just need to find my files and get them out the door…

  2. Go for it! Your reasons for applying are all excellent, and imply long term benefits. Your reasons for not applying are ALL in the category of “this isn’t the ideal time”. There is never an ideal time. This IS an ideal opportunity. You’ll kick yourself later if you don’t apply.

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