how to schedule exercise

After a prolonged hiatus, I am back! The grant(s) are in, and I finally feel like I’m reasonably on top of things again.

The only goal I’m not meeting so well right now is exercise. I’m not getting enough, particularly since moving to New City, where I am forced to drive everywhere because there is no infrastructure for walking. This is troubling because exercise is good for health, good for helping to minimize ADD symptoms, and can help with sleep (see helpful posts by Tara and Jennifer Koretsky on this very topic).

The problem with exercise is fitting it in my schedule/life. When I wake up in the morning (7 am), I’m groggy and need my morning caffeine and a bite to eat. Then I shower, get ready, and go to work for the day (arrive around 9-9.30). Three days/week I teach until after 6 pm, and on those days, I am ravenous for dinner once I arrive at home. I eat dinner. Then I’m too full to exercise, and it’s too late, as it will end up “revving me up” too much for me to sleep at a normal hour. Go to bed. Sleep. Repeat.

I fear having to set my alarm and start the day any earlier because I’m already pretty worn out by the time I’m done teaching class. I don’t function well at 6 am, particularly not on an empty stomach.

I’m curious… how do other academics (with or without ADD) make this work in their schedules without driving themselves crazy?


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